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(1856 days ago)newport
it was in the news
Our friends gave a performance npr recorded on Saturday.

We also learn more about the fabled hurdy gurdy.
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don't knock it til' you try it
This kid surprised me. I was expecting another mediocre Decemberists cover, but I really enjoy watching his performance.

I leave you with four benedictions and one Mr. Worm, PhD:
down together, dr worm, when i spin my stick
(1988 days ago)we see you
you can't hide from the internet
Cool recording session:
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(1993 days ago)almost time
almost almost almost
In approximately two hours The Decemberists will be playing The Hazards of Love live at SXSW and streamed on NPR (great quality). If you missed the live performance you can still catch the recording.

If you're wasting time until the show, check out the Vampire Weekend session from last year's SXSW (recorded March 13, 2008).
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(2002 days ago)so it leaked
it's a plot for wider exposure...
I was cruising through my Decemberists YouTube RSS Feed today and what did I find? A new Colin Meloy tribute video? Sadly, no. Turns out Hazards leaked on March 7.

Find a copy, enjoy, buy a copy and go to some shows!
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(2012 days ago)premature ordering
my doctor says it's natural
Pre-order Hazards of Love and other schwag at ye olde official shope. The first 750 CDs and 250 LPs will be signed by everyone in the band!

One of the signed orders will win an official Decemberists baglama and two free concert tickets!

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cover to avoid spillage
Brian and Grayson rock it:
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(2030 days ago)A Short Fazed Hovel
throw those dates out
Straight from the Colin's mouth, we have the Phase One tour schedule!

Our friends will play The Hazards of Love in its entirety at each venue followed by a short selection of the reasons we fell in love with them.

The tour starts May 19 and concludes at Bonnaroo on June 14. You can grab presale tickets now at the Decemberists presale ticket site. Your best prices for tickets will be through the presale site. Grab 'em while you can!

Tickets officially go on sale Feb 13 through normal outlets.

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(2037 days ago)how bad do you want it
want it good
I think I just found a reason to go to SXSW:

Our venerable The Decemberists will perform The Hazards of Love live to open SXSW Music on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

Are you keeping up with your dates? The album will be performed live a week before its official release!

The performance will be streamed and archived at NPR's SXSW site

Looks like flights from San Jose to Austin for March 17 to March 21 are around $200. So tempting...
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this is why we fight... come hell...
The Zoot
Full version, but low quality:

The first 3 minutes of the above video, but much better quality and recorded closer to the stage:


Isn't it a lovely night? and The Rake's Song
"Starting you out at chapter 4..." (he's sort of elven) (also, this song is played by an in tune guitar):

Hazards of Love (1 + 2?)

For clearer versions click the videos to go to youtube then hit "watch in high quality."
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