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I hide books from myself. The more dangerous the book, the more cleverly it gets buried. Recently I uncovered "xkcd: volume 0" again and lost an hour of my life re-reading everything on the spot.

It dawned on me: there must be a way to extend the productivity killing capacity of fluid comics to a mass audience.

This is around the time an HTML5 presentation was making the rounds. A slippy HTML5 presentation. A fluid HTML5 presentation. "Let's replace the damn slides with comics," screamed the productivity devil on my shoulder.

A few weeks later, we have slippycomics.

slippycomics is a re-written version of the HTML5 presentation above. Most of the CSS is stolen, but the javascript has been completely rewritten.

Since the xkcd book inspired slippycomics, it was only natural to include all of Randy's comics. Next up are two comics which I always mean to read but constantly forget about: bunny and smbc.

All comics, alt text, and alt comics were scraped from their respective sites. The comics and alt comics for slippycomics are hosted on the Akamai CDN[1] as to not overwhelm the originating sites. In no way am I trying to steal or claim these comics. Each comic has a link back to the original site along with a link to the store for each comic every few frames.

[1]: If the CDN gets too expensive, I'll host directly from my servers.

tech stuff
front end site: html5, css3, coffeescript (-> javascript -> yuicompressor), jquery (1.4.2 + jquery.history + jquery.cookie -> closure compiler)
back end site: nginx -> yaws -> erlang -> redis (via my in-progress redis client er); akamai -> nginx -> disk
back end scraping: python with urllib2 and lxml.html for finding comic URLs, titles, and alt text/comics. python stores everything using redis-py. python downloader for comic graphics after comic data is stored in redis.

Up. Down. Left. Right. r. Spacebar. [numbers then enter]. w.a.s.d. Click on stuff. Mousewheel. Touch sliding left/right for iPad/iPhone. Forward/back history. Remembers your last position if you close your window and come back later.

If you want your comic added, email me. I can add as many comics as people would like. Accounts may even happen one day for personalization.

It will be trivial to make an automated comic submission process if enough authors want their content here and don't want me scraping their sites.

If you want your comic removed, let me know and you'll be removed with extreme prejudice and a frowny face.

There are some UI bugs. The backend needs to be able to accept automated updates from authors directly. The iPad/iPhone interface needs fleshing out.

questions? praise? love? hate? hugs? rage? Direct it all at matt or at @mattsta.

Go forth and slip:

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