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This is a rant. Your ideology is wrong.

You don't matter. Your holy of holy open source principles don't matter. The users matter.

I "upgraded" from Fedora 13 to 14 recently. Well, I tried to upgrade. The upgrade failed using their special upgrade installer. I resorted to a clean install instead.

End result: less functionality.

Flash stopped working. Drag and drop stopped working. My (very common) video driver didn't work out of the box and required waiting for an update from Fedora weeks after the GM.

Even with the fixes so far, video is more choppy than before the upgrade. Drag and drop still doesn't work. Audio seems to have a mind of its own, but for now I'll blame audio problems on Chrome vs. nspluginwrapper vs. Flash vs. pulseaudio.

What's going on with Fedora?

Their bug tracker sheds light on how screwed up the Fedora maintainers can be:

The short version: someone notices Flash isn't working properly. They track it down to a glibc problem. glibc closes it on their side as NOTABUG because technically, Flash is using memcpy incorrectly. A recent update to glibc made an optimization breaking overlapping memcpy calls. Even knowing 64 bit Flash isn't working, Fedora goes ahead with the release. As of a few weeks after the release, 64 bit Flash still doesn't work without a manual compile-your-own-shared-driver hack.

Why should I continue to use Fedora as a desktop OS if it refuses to test functionality of the most common desktop software program in the wild?

Personalities in the bug thread fall in to four categories: problem reporter, maintainer/admin, helpful guru, and peanut gallery (ideologues). It seems the ideologues and admins are the same group though.

The Fedora maintainer running the thread chimes in, "The only stupidity is crap software violating well known rules that have existed forever."

The official position of Fedora is to ship a disto with broken functionality because it's the "crap software violating well known rules." Screw the users, their software vendor is shipping buggy software. But, the bug never showed up until our most recent OS release.

Linus calmly chimes in when faced with the rude outburst, saying he understands the software is broken, but asks "What's the upside of breaking things? That's all I'm asking for."

Linus declares, "Are you seriously going to do a Fedora-14 release with a known non-working flash player?"

Yes, Fedora shipped a release with broken 64 bit Flash player functionality. They don't seem to care.

Dan reiterates what Linus is trying to say: "For a CLOSED NOTABUG bug report, seems to be a lot of traffic on it. Is ANYONE actually fixing this problem either in glibc or in Flash? This is ridiculuous."

Michael agrees: "If it works on Win 7 and doesn't work on Fedora, it is Fedora and Linux that take the crap. Period."

Linus continues to make points the Fedora maintainers ignore and refuse to comment about:
"Rather than make it look bad in the eyes of users who really don't care _why_ flash doesn't work, they just see it not working right.

There is no advantage to being just difficult and saying 'that app does something that it shouldn't do, so who cares?'. That's not going to help the _user_, is it?

And what was the point of making a distro again? Was it to teach everybody a lesson, or was it to give the user a nice experience?"

The same autistic-absolute-right-ideology versus sanity is repeated in a different thread at fedorahosted.

I haven't even touched on my other two issues. Drag and drop is broken. A feature from 1980 doesn't work in 2010. My video card, using the most used video driver on desktop Linux, didn't work in the release without a manual Fedora software update. Video card reason? It's using a proprietary driver so they don't test it.

What is Fedora doing?
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