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(2291 days ago)redis meetup notes
more redis, plz
Quick notes (brought to you by iPad while laying I'm bed):

Redis is getting native clustering one way or another. What if we make a generic libcluster to handle the hash ring, membership, networking, failover and other clustery things? It could be helpful in other projects if libcluster is as well thought out and as well written as Redis.

How about adding zeromq as a connection option in addition to TCP and (soon) unix domain sockets? Zeromq can give us sane udp out of the box (maybe) and possibly a more efficient tcp layer since zeromq coalesces as many outgoing messages together as possible (nb: would break a central NIH rule of antirez).

command response tags
Someone brought up the issue of multiple threads using one redis connection. What if each redis command could accept an optional tag that got echoed back in the response to the user? Client libraries can make a tag (something unique within a short time period of the app), send commands to redis as needed, then use the tags in responses to match up redis responds with who should receive them.

Sounds good to me.

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